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Cable Detection EZiCAT i550 Cable & Service Locator

EZiCAT i550 Cable & Service Locator

The New EZiCAT i550 features state‐of‐the art digital signal processing (DSP) and intelligent software, the EZiCAT i‐Series locators make ground surveys a simple and speedy task; increasing onsite safety and ultimately saving time and money.

EziCAT i550 Featured with

Depth Indication (When used with a signal generator)
Hazard Zone
Pinpoint Assist
Signal Service Indicator
Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment.

The EZiCAT i550 locates buried conductive services by receiving electromagnetic signals which radiate from them. The EZiCAT’s intelligent software interprets the signals and provides the operator with an audible and visual response to the position and direction of the buried services.

Every year site workers are injured due to inadvertently striking buried utilities such as electricity cables or gas pipelines.

Obtaining accurate information about the location of buried utilities has never been more essential to protect employees and equipment during any excavation project.

Local legislation normally prescribes the use of a locating device before any kind of excavation takes place. It makes perfect sense to search for, trace and mark all services before work commences.

  Depth Indication
The EZiCAT i550 features a uniquie depth function which allows the user to measure the distance below the surface of the service you are tracing. Simply locate your service in conjunction with an EZiTEX Signal Generator or Sonde and press the measurement button. The depth of the service is then shown clearly on the digital display. This function allows you to determine if the pipe or cable is at a depth that will inpact on your excavation.
  Pinpoint Assist
When using a standard CAT you are required to scan the area of interest with the sensitivity set to high. Once the unit gives an indication of a service you then have to continualy dial down the sensitivity until you have located the exact location of the service. At this point you then have to turn up the sensitivity again to start tracing again. On The EZiCAT all of this is done automatically reducing errors and survey time.
  Hazard Zone
Buried services close to the surface pose a potential safety risk. The EZiCAT i-series provides a close proximity alarm alerting the user to any immediate danger in the area being scanned.
  Signal Service Indicator
This Unique feature allows you to trace the position of a service much more accuratly. It also enables you to trace individual services that may be of interest that have been laid in amounts others. This functions also offers the simplist solution for tracing Sondes as the highest reading gives the exact location directly above the Sonde.


   EZiCAT Range
Functions i500 i550 i600 i650 i700 i750 i500

High Contrast LCD Display

Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment

5 Operating Modes

Hazard Zone - Shallow Surface Warning

In-Built Self test & Calibration Indication
Peak Assist Function

Surface Depth Indicator


Data Logger with Bluetooth Transfer


GPS Location

Tracing Frequencies (standard) 8 & 33 kHz

Tracing Frequencies (Long distance / drain cameras)

       512 Hz & 640 Hz

Maximum Depth


 Technical Specifications:

EZiCAT i550
Frequency / Mode Power mode 50 Hz or 60 Hz, Radio mode 15 kHz to 60 kHz, Generator mode 8 kHz and 33 kHz, Auto mode = Power + Radio mode
Depth Power to 3m, Radio to 2m, Generator / Sonde to 3m
Alarms Visual & Acoustic
Display Digital LCD
Power system
Battery type 6 x AA alkaline
Battery life 40 hours (at 20°C)
Environmental data
IP Rating Conforms to IP54
Physical characteristics
Size, L x W x H 74cmx23cmx8cm
Weight 2.7kg


your shipment will include:
1 no. EZiCAT i550 Cable & Service Locator (In Stock)
6 no. AA Batteries
1 no. Instruction Sheet
1 no. 24 Month Warranty
1 no. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 no. Comprehensive Dealer Technical Advice & Support
1 no: FREE Next Working Day Delivery




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