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Flir Systems the market leader in infrared and thermal imaging camera's have just appointed Merlin Lazer as one of its UK main distributors.

We will be stocking the full range of camera's and further information will be added to our website in the near future.

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BW Technologies GasAlert Clip Extreme - (Hydrogen Sulphide) Slurry Gas Detector

GasAlert Clip Extreme - (Hydrogen Sulphide) Slurry Gas Detector

 BW GasAlertClip Extreme Slurry Gas  Detector
 Gas - S - Single Gas Monitor
 2 Year Disposable Gas Detector

Until recently detecting dangerous gas in slurry pits has involved bulky equipment that needed constant calibrating & charging.

This new detector is incredibly small and gives constant protection for a period of two years from the point it is turned on.

For normal use keep the detector clipped on to yourself for continuous monitoring or before entering a hazardous area you can simply attach it  to a line or pole.

Work Safe Wear Yellow – New Slurry Gas Detector

The new H2S gas detector from Merlin Lazer offers the following benefits.

2 year maintenance free
  Visual, vibration & audio alarms
  Small – No Excuse not to wear.
  Saves Lives
For normal use keep the detector clipped on to yourself for continuous monitoring or before entering a hazardous area you can simply attach it  to a line or pole.

The dangers of working with slurry are well documented. When agitated or pumped high amounts of gases are released very quickly the most dangerous of which is Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)

It is a common belief among farmers that it is safe to enter a facility or pit if they cannot smell the putrid, rotten egg odour associated with hydrogen sulphide. This is not necessarily true because high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide paralyzes the nerve cells of the nose to the point where the person can no longer smell the gas.

Concentrations of hydrogen sulphide can soar from 5 parts per million (ppm) to more than 500 ppm in seconds after agitation begins and concentrations of hydrogen sulphide above 600 ppm can render a person unconscious after taking only one or two breaths.

Why is H2S Dangerous?
Hydrogen sulphide is a naturally occurring, flammable gas. It is formed through the decay of organic matter. It is commonly found in areas where raw sewage or animal manure collect. Because it is heavier than air, the gas will collect in confined spaces. At low concentrations, it has a rotten egg smell, but at medium concentrations, H2S is perceived as sweet smelling. At high concentrations or after long-term exposure, the gas cannot be smelled.

What Does H2S Do to the Body?
At low concentrations and short exposures, H2S is an eye and lung irritant. It causes watering eyes, coughing or a sore throat. As concentration levels or exposure times increase, the irritation worsens and can include headaches and fluid in the lungs. High concentration levels can cause a coma or death within a few breaths.

Main Features:

Concussion Proof Boot
robust housing allows for use even in the toughest conditions
  Vibrating Alarm
internal vibrator and visual alarm
Water Resistant
rugged, IP-66/67 highly water-resistant design
  Audible Alarm
Provides typical 95 dB tone and bright, quad-LED indication on alarm
Alligator Clip
Comes complete with rugged, stainless-steel alligator belt clip
  Self Test
full-function self-test of audible/visual alarms, sensor, battery and circuitry
High Alarm
Records and displays the peak alarm encountered
  Life Remaining Display
Status LCD shows detector life remaining
Low Alarm
gives early warning of lower levels of exposure
  Zero Maintenance
no sensor, battery replacement or calibration required
One Button Operation
simple to use - just turn on and go.
  IR Port Downloadable
Automatic event logging records 10 most recent alarm events

your shipment will include:
  1 no. BW GasAlertClip Extreme
  1 no. Calibration Cap
  1 no. Instruction Sheet
  1 no. Calibration Certificate
  1 no. 24 Month Warranty
  1 no. Comprehensive BW Dealer Technical Advice & Support



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