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Flir Infrared Camera's

Flir Systems the market leader in infrared and thermal imaging camera's have just appointed Merlin Lazer as one of its UK main distributors.

We will be stocking the full range of camera's and further information will be added to our website in the near future.

If you would like further information in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Prior to the introduction of the Mag-Lite® flashlight in 1979, the flashlight was generally regarded as an unreliable item that was typically thrown away after a short time due to its inferior quality. That all changed when, after spending years perfecting the design and applying his unique patented technology, Anthony Maglica revolutionized the portable lighting industry. By combining superior design with reliability, durability and an unprecedented lifetime warranty, Anthony Maglica has truly produced flashlights that are "a work of art that works!"

The small "job shop" initially supplied machine tools to industry, soon earning an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of sophisticated industrial, aerospace and military machine parts. Mr. Maglica's unique talent for blending innovative manufacturing techniques with quality and efficiency were unsurpassed at the time and continue to this day.

Mr. Maglica (Tony) utilizes a hands-on leadership style with a core philosophy -consistent and superior quality of all Mag products coupled with outstanding customer service, never to be surpassed by competitors.

In the typical American tradition, Mr. Maglica saw an opportunity for carving a product niche for a superior flashlight in the 1970's. He had seen, and in fact had used, many of the products available at the time and was confident he could do better. In 1979, the new Mag-Lite® flashlight initially was targeted to professionals such as police and fire fighters, whose lives and livelihood often depended on the reliability of their flashlights. Soon, these "heroes" began to insist on using only Mag-Lite® flashlights. Consumers, too, found that for auto, home and sporting use, they could rely on no other.

Tony was not content to rest upon the success of the Mag-Lite® flashlight. In 1982, soon after relocating himself and about 80 employees to a new 126,000 square foot facility in Ontario, he introduced the Mag-Lite® Rechargeable System™, the most powerful rechargeable flashlight of its size on the market. In 1984, a small premium flashlight, the Mini Maglite® was introduced where it became an overnight success. Its distinctive aesthetic appeal and unsurpassed functionality were unheard of in the portable lighting industry. In 1987, a smaller version of the Mini Maglite® flashlight was introduced (a AAA cell version) that was well-suited to many industrial and medical applications. With a sharp eye focused on the marketplace, Mr. Maglica introduced the Solitaire® flashlight in 1988. Ideal for key chains and purses because of its compact size, it included a distinctive design and the superior quality of all Mag products. It, too, was a hit from the start.

The well rounded product line of Mag products has branched out from its early distribution patterns and is sold in virtually every class of trade in the marketplace today. Tony has not forgotten the dedicated and loyal police officers and fire fighters that helped contribute to Mag's early success by "spreading the word" about the Mag-Lite® flashlight. Mag was a major corporate sponsor of the dedication of the fallen police officer memorial in Washington, D.C. In addition, during Operation Desert Storm, our troops were equipped with the world's most advanced military hardware and technology. Many of the troops also used Mag-Lite® products as evidenced by hundreds of touching and emotional letters received from the troops on how their Mag-Lite® flashlights assisted them in their duties.

Mag Instrument is proud that its products are not only designed in the U.S.A but built by American workers. Mag Instrument is committed to remaining a U.S.A. Manufacturer. Within their first decade on the market, Mag-Lite® and Mini Maglite® products have been touted by both Fortune and Money magazines as among the top 100 products that "America makes best." In addition, the Mini Maglite® was recognized in American Style: Classic Product Designs from Air Stream to Zippo. The Mag-Lite® and Mini Maglite® products have also been honored by the Japanese Institute of Design and Museum for Applied Art Cologne.

Mr. Maglica remains committed to product innovation and refinement, as reflected by his development of sophisticated underwater lighting instruments for use by Jacques Cousteau. To this day, all product research and development is personally executed by Tony. A number of products are in various stages of development and will only be introduced when Mr. Maglica is personally satisfied with the design and features of these new products.

Today, its world renowned products are sold throughout the world, including Europe, Asia and South America. Japan and Germany, both well known for their emphasis on design and quality, have warmly embraced Mag's products. Exports have grown significantly in recent years and now comprise about 25% of total sales. Mag-Lite® products are proof that the world is craving American-made goods and services, provided they include distinctive designs and are precision crafted with uncompromising quality in mind.

The company has continued its spectacular success and currently occupies over 400,000 square feet and employs over 850 persons. Mag Instrument will soon break ground on a new fully integrated manufacturing facility and a large parcel of land in Ontario and plans to occupy the facility within the next two years. This move will not only provide for expansion, but will help maintain the company's strict quality control policies. Mr. Maglica insists that the only way to ensure the quality of his products is to retain control over the entire flashlight manufacturing process under one roof.

Mag Instrument maintains an extremely aggressive stance in protecting its intellectual property rights (i.e., its patents, trademarks and copyrights). In one of the lawsuits involving Mag Instrument's intellectual property rights, Judge Ferdinand Fernandez, now on the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit remarked: The Mini Maglite® was the invention of Anthony Maglica (hereafter "Mr. Maglica"). It was such an elegant piece of engineering, and was manufactured to such high quality standards that it took the industry by storm. A once sleepy backwater in the economy became a segment with an extraordinary growth rate. The success went against all of the conventional wisdom of the industry and actually revolutionized it.

In protecting its intellectual property rights, Mag Instrument has successfully defended not only itself, but has led the charge in protecting all of America's manufacturers. Mr. Maglica is not fearful of competition, but relishes the challenge to compete on a fair basis.

Mr. Maglica's personal history has prompted him to recognize the important role that American manufacturing plays in our country; and for this reason, a proud leader and advocate of the current renaissance in American manufacturing, Mag Instrument is committed to remaining a U.S.A. Manufacturer. Mr. Maglica's intense patriotism, penchant for innovation and unquenchable drive provide the basis for the dedication and skill of all the management and employees at Mag Instrument who are justifiably proud of the superior American lighting devices they bring to consumers throughout the world. Anthony Maglica and Mag Instrument -- truly an American success story!