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Flir Infrared Camera's

Flir Systems the market leader in infrared and thermal imaging camera's have just appointed Merlin Lazer as one of its UK main distributors.

We will be stocking the full range of camera's and further information will be added to our website in the near future.

If you would like further information in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Leica Sprinter 50 Digital Level - Plus FREE Barcode Staff & Tripod

Sprinter 50 Digital Level - Plus FREE Barcode Staff & Tripod

One-button digital levelling - Quick to learn and operate. Leica Sprinter 50 is an accurate electronic level, that provides error-free measurements and readings. The Sprinter automatically determines height and distance. Aim and focus, measure with one key press and the data is displayed almost instantly. Leica Sprinter 50 is easier to use than a conventional level.
The Sprinter 50 is the perfect levelling tool for your daily levelling tasks. Just aim, focus and measure by pressing one button, the data is displayed almost instantly. There will be no more misreading. Error reducing functions, such as the tilt sensor prevent the system from measuring if the user operates outside the compensator range. You always measure and read error-free! 


Aim, Push the Button, Read

Aim & Focus
With its high-accuracy opticalelements you simply aim and focus the staff as an optical level.

Push the Button
With its easy one-button operation, Leica Sprinter does not need any intensive training. Simply push the red button to take the measurement. That‘s all you need to do.

Optical reading is no longer needed. The bar code on the staff determines height and distance which is displayed on a highly visible LCD display.

Any levelling - at any place - for anyone
Use the Leica Sprinter 50 as a multifunctional levelling tool:

Elevation control, height control

Platform/concrete casting stakeout, rectangular area stakeout, distance measuring

As-built elevation checking, grade checking, area leveling, volume determination of earth/dirt moving operations

Instrument Leica
Sprinter 50
Sprinter 150
Sprinter 150M
Printer 250M
Accuracy* per km double-run 2.0 mm 1.5 mm 1.5 mm  1.0 mm/0.7mm* 
Height and distance
Delta height
Multilingual function  
Line levelling    
Cut & fill and monitoring    
Data storage    
USB interface    

* With Sprinter alumiium barcode staff, 0.7 mm can be achieved with Sprinter fibre glass barcode staff (2 or 3 m, 1 section)

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 Minimize Human Errors
 Operate in Low Light Conditions

your shipment will include:
  1 no. SPRINTER 50, 2.0mm, electronic level
  1 no. Dual face tele.staff, 4m 4sect, UK
  1 no. CTP103, Aluminium tripod, shoulder strap
  1 no. User Manual Sprinter5 0 V1.2,engl.
  1 no: 2 Year Warranty
  1 no. Comprehensive Leica Dealer Technical Advice & Support Package

OUR PRICE (ex. vat):  £695.00
(inc. vat @20%) £834.00
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