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5000 Road Measurer Measuring Wheels
The Road Measure Range Measuring Wheels from Trumeter sets the world standard for accuracy and precise handling. Superbly balanced they includes a folding handle with pistol grip and comes supplied with a carry case as standard. See below for models.
More information PRICE FROM: £114.95
Measure Meter 5500 Measuring Wheels - INCLUDES FREE CARRY BAG
Robust budget measuring wheel is designed for accuracy and ease of use and comes complete with a telescopic handle, retractable stand and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.
More information PRICE FROM: £59.00
Electronic Reading Road Measuring Wheel - INCLUDES FREE CARRY BAG
The new digital Measuremeter Revolution from Trumeter, combines advanced and patented technology for the first time to a measuring wheel at costs previously unimaginable.
More information RRP: £89.95  OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £69.95
Land Distance Measuring wheel
Extra rugged construction for use over agricultural land and other rough terrain including sports course management. Handle can be removed and folded away for easy storage.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £269.95

Trumeter Co Ltd have been designing and manufacturing world class distance measuring products for over 65 years, selling products all over the world it is not by accident we are leading the world.

Design has been at the very heart of our philosophy leading to the launching of new products regularly in many industries, the latest new addition is an innovative and world beating electronic measuring wheel for the professional markets.

The Measuremeter Revolution comes in a package with a price performance ratio envied by all our competitors.

The challenge was to produce an electronic measuring wheel with all the features demanded by our most stringent customers at the same price as our current mechanical wheel.

The accuracy of any measuring wheel is largely dependent on the honesty of the outside diameter of the measuring wheel, any debris picked up by the wheel will incur significant errors to the measurement, with this in mind all Trumeters road and land measuring wheels are fitted with a mud scraper ensuring an accuracy of +/ 1% giving you the correct measurement time after time.

Trumeter prides itself on working in close partnership with its customers, building a reliable and sustainable association, by establishing open and constructive relationships Trumeter is able to deliver the best possible service.

The original and still the best Trumeter.


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