All Fisco products:
Futura Glass Fibre Tapes
Fisco FUTURA Glass Fibre Tapes are coated in an extra thick layer of PVC which gives extra resistance to scuffing and marking. The unique case design features an integrally molded non-slip hand grip, such that fingers are kept clear of the rewind action.
More information PRICE FROM: £11.95
Pacer Tufcoat Steel Tape
The Fisco Pacer is a robust heavy-duty open frame tape designed for the professional user working in difficult terrain and muddy conditions and has a strong groud spike fitted to its impact resistant moulded ABS frame.
More information PRICE FROM: £43.95
2m Wooden Folding Surveyors Rule (Metric Only)
A professional six fold wooden rule ideal for measuring in restricted access areas or when working single handed. The surveyors rod will also remain rigid when extended.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £49.95

FISCO'S range of manufactured and distributed tools, covers builders & survors tapes, professional spirit levels, steel rules, squares, chalk lines and electronic measuring tools.

FISCO is England's only manufacturer of tape measures and a world leader in innovative technology. Redefining the concept of measuring tools for the building trade.



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