Merlin Lazer Gauge & Merlin Low-E Detector Combination Package

Gauge & Merlin Low-E Detector Combination Package

This is our most popular combination package purchased by Commercial & Domestic Energy Assessors across Europe.

These simple to use devices allow you to measure the air-space and determine the presence of Low-E energy coatings as part of your inspection.







Package Includes:

Merlin Lazer Gauge

Following the changes made in December 2014 assessors in England must accurately measure the air-gap in windows as part of their EPC survey.

The Merlin Lazer Gauge is the industry's standard tool throughout Europe for calculating this measurement and gives an instant reading with laser accuracy whatever the lighting conditions.

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Merlin Low-E Coating Detector

All new windows installed since 2002 should include a Low-E coating to improve their energy efficiency.

It is often difficult however to determine the date of installation and also this cut-off date does not enable you to give credit to windows installed before this date that featured an upgrade to Low-E glass.

The Merlin Lazer Low-E Detector is simple to use and gives an instant indication as to the presence Low-E glass enabling you to assess windows quickly & accurately as part of your inspection.

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