Merlin Lazer 60m Self Levelling Drain Inspection Camera

60m Self Levelling Drain Inspection Camera

Self Levelling Drain Inspection Camera 60 Mtr

The system comes with its own control box with a built-in LCD screen to review, monitor and record video footage in real-time. Video footage can be recorded directly onto a USB memory stick allowing for video footage to be both viewed, stored and played back. With a Video out facility recordings can also be made directly to a media player or other recording device.

The LCD screen, camera and DVR can be powered either from the 12v rechargeable battery or from a UK plug adaptor. The inspection camera is mounted on a spring and connects to a fibreglass cable. Once connected, the user can view the images in colour on the built-in LCD screen.

The unit includes a meter counter which can be switched from Metric to Imperial at the touch of a button.

This system can be immersed in water/sea water up to 10m depth.

The kit includes the following:
40mm Dia. Self Levelling Inspection camera with 18 LEDs
USB digital video recorder with remote control
60m fibreglass cable and stainless steel reel
12v rechargeable battery
18cm (7") TFT LCD screen
Sturdy Control box with Accessory storage

Camera Specifications:
420 TV line resolution colour CCD
Sapphire glass lens cover
Steel Housing and Spring
Camera diameter 40mm
18 LEDs
Supplied with 3 Skids (4", 6" & 9")

Cable Wheel Specifications:
Stainless steel Frame with connection to the monitor
60m fibreglass rod cable (9mm Dia)
620mm High Frame

Power adapter :110VAC~240VAC 12VDC1800mA
Camera Angle-of-View: 80° (horizontal), 80° (vertical)
Camera Depth-of-View :400 mm (approximate)
System Operating Temperature: -20° to 120°F

Camera Image: Colour
Monitor Image : Colour
Monitor Resolution : 800 RGB (W) X 600 (H)
Monitor Input Voltage :12 Volts DC

OUR PRICE (ex. vat):  £2,950.00
(inc. vat @20%) £3,540.00
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