Cable & Pipe Service Location

Every year site workers are injured due to inadvertently striking buried utilities such as electricity cables or gas pipelines. Obtaining accurate information about the location of buried utilities has never been more essential to protect employees and equipment during excavation projects. Merlin Lazer offer a range of products designed to increase your onsite safety and help you to accurately and quickly locate buried services With integrated features specifically designed to reduce human error and to increase site safety - cable location has never been so easy!
Leica Digicat 100 Underground Service Locator
With the DIGISYSTEM operators can locate, trace and mark underground services precisely and reliably prior to excavation. The DIGICAT 100 can be used to find live (energised) power cables, trace buried metal services which reradiate signals.
More information RRP: £560.00  OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £495.00
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Leica Digicat 200 Cable & Pipe location detector with depth reading facility
With the DIGICAT 200 operators can locate, trace and mark underground services precisely and reliably prior to excavation. The DIGICAT 200 also includes a display to show the depth of the buried service.
More information RRP: £680.00  OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £595.00
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Leica Digicat 8/33 Duel Frequency Generator
The DIGITEX 8/33 duel frequency generator is the perfect tracing partner for the DIGICAT 100 service locator. Either place the unit over the service to be traced and activate the induction feature to create a signal or where possible connect directly.
More information RRP: £545.00  OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £415.00
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Leica Digitrace 30/50/80m Service Tracer
The DIGITRACE service tracer allows tracing of plastic ducts, clay drains and other non-metallic conduits. DIGITRACE is used together with any DIGICAT and DIGITEX 8/33 Signal Generator.
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Leica 40mm dia Sonde
DIGIMOUSE 40mm dia. specific point radiator of generated signal (also known as a Sonde) pushed via flexible rod system through underground services to be detected by DIGICAT pipe & cable service locator range.
More information RRP: £260.00  OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £225.00
Leica Signal Clamp - Cable length 2.00m
For use with the DIGITEX 8/33 for connection of signal to long cylindrical metallic services (pipes, insulated electricity cables, etc.).
More information RRP: £225.00  OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £175.00
Leica Digicat / Digitex Property Connection Cable Set
For use with the DIGICAT and DIGITEX 8/33 Signal Generator the connection of signal to internal power distribution system for tracing cabling throughout the property and also locating where the main electricity supply enters the property.
More information RRP: £168.00  OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £145.00
Cable Detection EZiCAT i550 Cable & Service Locator
The EZiCAT i550 offers the latest design in digital service location. Featuring service depth measurement, hazard zone strike alert, automatic sensitivity adjustment with pinpoint assist and clear audio and visual alerts for easy use in any environment.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £505.00
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