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Flir Infrared Camera's

Flir Systems the market leader in infrared and thermal imaging camera's have just appointed Merlin Lazer as one of its UK main distributors.

We will be stocking the full range of camera's and further information will be added to our website in the near future.

If you would like further information in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Distance Measuring Wheels

Rotosure Classique Professional Measuring Wheel - PLUS FREE CASE
The Rotosure Classique Professional road measuring wheel is the discerning choice of the professional surveyor for road measurement. Heavy duty construction combined with unrivalled features make this road measurer the clear choice for surveyors.
More information RRP: £125.00  OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £92.95
Trumeter 5000 Road Measurer Measuring Wheels
The Road Measure Range Measuring Wheels from Trumeter sets the world standard for accuracy and precise handling. Superbly balanced they includes a folding handle with pistol grip and comes supplied with a carry case as standard. See below for models.
More information PRICE FROM: £114.95
Trumeter Measure Meter 5500 Measuring Wheels - INCLUDES FREE CARRY BAG
Robust budget measuring wheel is designed for accuracy and ease of use and comes complete with a telescopic handle, retractable stand and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.
More information PRICE FROM: £59.00
Trumeter Electronic Reading Road Measuring Wheel - INCLUDES FREE CARRY BAG
The new digital Measuremeter Revolution from Trumeter, combines advanced and patented technology for the first time to a measuring wheel at costs previously unimaginable.
More information RRP: £89.95  OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £69.95
Trumeter Land Distance Measuring wheel
Extra rugged construction for use over agricultural land and other rough terrain including sports course management. Handle can be removed and folded away for easy storage.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £269.95
Rotosure RES1000 Econo Standard Measuring Wheel
The Rotosure RES1000 economy measuring wheel is a superb quality entry level road measurement tool. All Rotosure measuring wheels are backed by a 2 year manufacturers warranty.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £76.00
Rotosure RD1000 Duluxe Measuring Wheel
The Rotosure RD1000 measuring wheel is the ideal tool for professional surveying and road measurement. All Rotosure measuring wheels are backed by a 2 year manufacturers warranty.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £99.00