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Leica DISTO 3D (NEW)
 Leica DISTO ™ D110 (NEW)
 Leica DISTO ™ D2
Leica DISTO ™ D210 (NEW)
 Leica DISTO ™ X310 (NEW)
 Leica DISTO ™ D3a BT
 Leica DISTO ™ D410 (NEW)
 Leica DISTO ™ D510 (NEW)

Leica DISTO D810 Touch (NEW)
Leica DISTO S910 Standard (NEW)
Leica DISTO S910 PRO (NEW)


Lifting platforms hirer
  Thanks to exact laser distance measurements we do not send any lifting platforms that are too big or too small to sites, and therefore ...
Building Trades
Yardsticks and tape measures have now definitely had their day - Leica instruments have transformed work practices in the building trades.

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Laser Distance Measurement

Leica Disto 3D measurement system - CALL FOR PRICE
3D measuring is now simple. You can now create floor plans for even the most difficult to measure rooms all from one central point. Also ideal for making 3D templates and with a projector function complex layouts are made easy.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £0.00
Leica Disto D110 Laser Tape - NEW MODEL
This compact model is worlds smallest & lightest laser tape to feature Smart Bluetooth. Simple to use it allows you to to quickly measure & check distances or even take it a step further by creating floor plans or sketches on your smartphone or tablet.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £115.00
Free Next Day Delivery (UK)
Leica Disto D2 - NEW MODEL (Bluetooth)
The new Leica Disto D2 now features smart Bluetooth technology. As compact as a mobile phone this impressive laser allows fast and accurate measurements up to 100m with an accuracy of ± 1.5mm.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £139.00
Free Next Day Delivery (UK)
Leica Disto D510 Laser Tape
Featuring Bluetooth Smart this is the first laser measure able to transfer measurements to iPhone & iPads. Also features a powerful Digital Viewfinder, 360° Tilt Sensor for calculating angles, pitches & heights and an IP65 water/shock resistant housing.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £399.00
Free Next Day Delivery (UK)
Leica Disto D810 Touch Laser Tape (NEW)
The New Leica DISTO D810 is the worlds first laser tape to feature a touch screen. This unit also features the revolutionary “Measure in Picture” feature allowing you measure height, width, area and diameter of objects onscreen using the integrated camera
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £579.00
Free Next Day Delivery (UK)
Leica Disto S910 Laser Tape - Standard Package (NEW)
The worlds first handheld laser tape to include P2P Technology allowing you to take all your measurements from just one position. Measurements are captured in 3D and can also be transferred directly into AUTOCAD via WLAN or saved onto the device as a DXF.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £1,099.00
Leica Disto S910 Laser Tape - Pro Package (NEW)
The Leica DISTO S910 Pro Pack includes the S910, TRI 70 tripod, GZM3 Target plate, Leica carrying case, and the new FTA 360-S fine adjustment adapter which allows you to capture measurements with even higher accuracy.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £1,399.00
Free Next Day Delivery (UK)
Leica Disto Large A4 Target Plate
Large double sided coated target plate - (A4) 210 x 297mm.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £19.99
Leica Disto Stick On Corner Target Plates
Target plate held in place with kneading adhesive. For interior craftsmen like shopfitters. Target plate sizes included: 73x98mm & 147x98mm
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £19.99
Leica Disto Large Soft Carry Bag
This large softbag is the perfect solution for carrying your Disto and other survey tools.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £29.00
Leica Disto TRI 100 Tripod With Crank Drive & Pivoting Head
This professional telescopic tripod with crank drive and pivoting head is the ideal soulution for use with the Disto X310 / D5 / D510 / D8 when taking long distance measurements and using the pythagoras function.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £69.95
Leica TRI 70 Tripod With Crank Drive
When used in conjunction with the TA360 & LSA360 adapters this tripod allows the user to make full use of the pythagorous and tilt functions available on the Leica Disto range of laser tapes.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £69.95
Leica TA360 Tripod Adaptor For Horizontal And Vertical Measurements
This bracket offers the perfect solution for Disto users who wish to take advantage of the remote measurement functions in both the horizontal and vertical axis making it ideal for the measurement of roofs and other difficult to reach targets.
More information RRP: £105.00  OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £95.00
Leica Disto Spare Parts
As a main UK dealer for Leica we are able to offer a full range of original Leica spare parts for the Disto range of laser tapes. We also have an in-house service department who are able repair your current device.
More information PRICE FROM: £9.95
Leica Disto D1 Laser Tape - NEW MODEL
The Leica DISTO™ D1 offers professionals as well as DIY users an easy-to-use laser measuring device. Turn the DISTO on, press the ON/DIST button and you’ve got a measurement. It’s easy as that.
More information OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £82.50
Free Next Day Delivery (UK)