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Flir Infrared Camera's

Flir Systems the market leader in infrared and thermal imaging camera's have just appointed Merlin Lazer as one of its UK main distributors.

We will be stocking the full range of camera's and further information will be added to our website in the near future.

If you would like further information in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Leica Rod Eye Sensor Laser Detector Range

Rod Eye Sensor Laser Detector Range

The Leica ROD-EYE Family of Sensors offer a solution for any general construction and interior application, and are ideally matched to work with the RUGBY Family of Lasers or any other rotating laser.

They are construction-tough, and designed to work in both harsh & loud environments, and provide precise and repeatable accuracy.

 Available Models

  Laserman Rod-Eye Laser Detectors

Technical Data Leica Rodeye Basic Leica Rodeye 140

Leica Rodeye 160

Leica Rodeye 180

Working Diameter

500m 1,350m (4430 ft) 1,350m (4430 ft) 1,350m (4430 ft)
Extended Detection Window 36mm 120mm / 5 in 120mm / 5 in 120mm / 5 in
Numeric Readout Height - - 90mm / 3.5 in 90mm / 3.5 in
Detectable Spectrum 600nm to 800nm 600nm to 800nm 600nm to 800nm 600nm to 800nm
Detection Accuracies     
Ultra Fine - - ±0.5mm / ±0.02 in ±0.5mm / ±0.02 in
Super Fine  1.0mm / ±0.04 in ±1.0mm / ±0.04 in ±1.0mm / ±0.04 in ±1.0mm / ±0.04 in
Fine - ±2.0mm / ±0.08 in ±2.0mm / ±0.08 in ±2.0mm / ±0.08 in
Medium ±3.0mm / ±0.12 in ±3.0mm / ±0.12 in ±3.0mm / ±0.12 in ±3.0mm / ±0.12 in
Coarse - - ±5.0mm / ±0.20 in ±5.0mm / ±0.20 in
Auto Calibration - - - Yes
RF Communication with Laser - - - Yes
Smart Target - - - Yes
Capture Measurement - - Yes Yes
Units Of Measurement - - mm,cm,in,ft mm,cm,in,ft
Anti Stobe No Yes Yes Yes
Beam Finding No Yes Yes Yes
Battery Life 50+ Hours 60+ Hours 60+ Hours 60+ Hours
IP Rating IP54 IP67 IP67 IP67
Warranty 1 Year 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Other Information
Manufacturer Leica
Leica Geosystems Leica Geosystems Leica
Manufacturer Part No  Leica 769811 Leica 789923 Leica 789924 Leica 789926
Our Stock Code 810-769811 810-789923 810-789924 810-789926



PRICE FROM:  £115.00
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Available Product Models
Rod Eye Basic Laser Receiver With Bracket
The Rod Eye Basic is a great receiver for general construction applications. Offering two accuracy settings, high / low audio output and a 150 m range, the Rod Eye Basic is a quality receiver that is ready to work for you.
Stock Code: 810-769811
RRP: £149.00
OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £115.00
Rod Eye 140 Classic Laser Receiver
The Rodeye 140 laser detector features the new 12cm detection window, more than twice that of the industry average allowing for easier location and tracking of the laser beam. This model also features both audible and LED indication and is IP67 rated.
Stock Code: 810-789923
OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £165.00
RodEye 160 Digital Laser Detector
The Rodeye 160 laser detector features a digital height readout giving you an immediate indication of how far you are from the laser beam. This unit also includes the new industry beating 12cm detection window for easier location of the laser beam.
Stock Code: 810-789924
OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £230.00
RodEye 180 Digital Laser Detector
The Rodeye 180 is the most advanced laser detector on the market. Featuring RF communication with compatible lasers enabling auto calibration, smart targeting and auto align. The unit also gives a digital readout of height and has 12cm detection window.
Stock Code: 810-789926
OUR PRICE (ex. vat): £295.00
Associated Products
Rugby 810 Horizontal Laser Levels
The Leica Rugby 810 is an amazing one button horizontal laser level designed to eliminate user error. Featuring a working range of 800m, unique unbreakable Li-Ion Battery, optional solar panel and in-car charging and IP68 water & dust protection.
Stock Code: 810xx1
PRICE FROM: £799.00
Rugby 820 Horizontal Laser Levels
The Leica Rugby 820 – Manual grading has never been so easy with the new Smart-Targeting & Smart-Lock features. These new functions automatically adjust the grade of the laser to that of the detector allowing for one person grading. Fully IP68 Rated.
Stock Code: 810-xxx
PRICE FROM: £995.00