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Lifting platforms hirer
  Thanks to exact laser distance measurements we do not send any lifting platforms that are too big or too small to sites, and therefore ...
Building Trades
Yardsticks and tape measures have now definitely had their day - Leica instruments have transformed work practices in the building trades.

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Leica DISTO - Measuring Techniques

Can I perform an indirect measurement (Pythagoras) while holding the instrument in my hand?

Yes, but be aware that the result is more of an estimate than an exact measurement. To obtain good results use a tripod. To keep the center of rotation steady, we offer special adapter plates.
Measurement of areas for polygonal rooms 

You can measure the area of a polygonal room by taking it apart into triangles and rectangles. You have to split the layout of a room in triangles and rectangles which cover the whole area once. After this you can add all areas together and will get the total area of rooms with even complex layouts.
At following link you will get a template with formulas where you can even transfer the data for the distances into the according cells.

Click to download Copy of Template (XLS, 18.50 KB)


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