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Building Trades
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Leica DISTO DXT - Frequently Asked Questions

  How to change batteries of DISTO ™ DXT?
Fold out the end-piece and open the locking mechanism with a coin or a screwdriver and lift the battery compartment cover. Insert batteries, observing the correct polarity. Close the battery compartment carefully. To ensure the instrument remains watertight, any dirt on the battery compartment seals should be avoided.
  How to use the multifunctional end-piece?
The device can be used for different measuring situations: For measurements from an edge, open the positioning bracket until it locks in place.
For measurements from a corner open the positioning bracket until it locks in place. With a slight push to the right the bracket can be turned further. A built-in sensor automatically detects the orientation of the positioning bracket and calculates the corresponding distances accordingly.
  How to switch off/on the beep?
The beep can be switched off (and on) with a long press simultaneously on minus key and reference key ( ).
  How to switch off/on the display illumination?
The illumination can be switched off (and on) with a long press simultaneously on plus key and reference key ( ).
  Which formula stands behind the indirect measuring function Pythagoras?
In any right triangle, the theorem of Pythagoras is valid: a²+b²=c². This means the other way round: c=radical of (a²+b²) or b=radical of (c²-a²). One side of the triangle can be calculated, if the other two sides are known. Therefore it is important that the DISTO™ measuring points are at the same level and that measurement 2 is right angled. With a long press on the DIST-key the minimum function can be activated to get the shortest distance for measurement 2.
  How can I clean the DISTO™ DXT?
The device with keypad and display can be easily cleaned under running water. Attention should be taken, that the water-jet is not directed onto the optical lens. If water is on the optical lens, it should be removed with a soft cloth
  How can I get an extra year’s warranty for the Leica DISTO™ DXT?
Our standard warranty of 2 years can be extended by one additional year if you register your device on our website www.disto.com within eight weeks of the purchase date. If the product is not registered a two year warranty applies.


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